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REMIX AGENTS Inc. is a boutique agency which exits to assist record labels, production libraries, bands, artists and other copyright owners. Having your music remixed can offer exposure into alternative markets while potentially generating an additional revenue stream for your original music. Our database of professional remix artists is comprised of many of the industry's most cutting edge talents. Our tier-based system is structured to allow our clients the ability to choose the level which best suits their budget and goals for their project. Our staff will match your vision with the most appropriate remix artist in the selected genre and pricing tier. All final remixes must pass our in-house sonic inspection before being delivered to our clients. Our service is built on the trust of our clients and a reputation for consistently delivering professional results and unparalleled value.

• Professional remixes for a one time fee. No further royalties will ever need to be paid.
• Crossing genres instantly exposes your music to a previously unreachable fan base.
• Remixes are the hottest way to promote and virally spread your music online.
• Round out your single releases with set fee remixes.
• Exposure into new markets, potential club play, mixtapes, free blog giveaway's, etc.
• Many of the remixers are also dj's who play their remixes offering collateral play and exposure.
• Sync or place your remixes in advertisements, tv shows, movies, etc. and never owe a royalty. The sky is the limit for earning potential.

The best way to learn about our service is to call and speak to one of our representatives. This allows us to fully explain the process, while highlighting some of the benefits. Alternatively, if you are ready to move forward, you can download our order form, complete it, and email or fax it back to us. As previously mentioned, our service is built on trust and reputation, and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can. We are always available for our clients.

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